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Vertex Systems — 30 Years of BIM Innovation

Thu Nov 15, 2018

We often focus the success of new partners, showcasing how Spatial helped with bringing a new product to market. But that focus overlooks the importance of the benefits and results of a decades-long partnership. It is time to celebrate nearly 30 years of market leadership of one of our oldest customers and the partnership that helped build it.

Tags: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manufacturing & Fabrication 3D Modeling 3D ACIS

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What to do when your 3D Modeling Boolean Operations Fail?

Wed Apr 12, 2017

boolean operation

Boolean operations on individual bodies are common functions in 3D modeling. While simple in concept, reality can be quite different — Boolean operations can fail for a variety of reasons, often the result of earlier Boolean operations. The most common reasons boil down to unclear design intent.

boolean 3d modeling

Tags: 3D ACIS 3D Software Development Kits

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Improving CAD to Solver Process with 3D Precise Mesh | Spatial

Wed Mar 15, 2017

In much the same way as physical design has moved from paper 2D drawings to 3D models in software, so has analysis. Designers and manufacturers are rapidly moving away from physical models to perform analyses, such as structural integrity or airflow, in order to shorten design and optimization time, while dramatically improving both the performance and costs of their results.  The processes used for analyses require that the model be discretized into approximations, so that the mathematic equations can be solved at an appropriate scale. Instead of analyzing the interactions of every molecule, these approximations are appropriately scaled to reduce analysis time, while still ensuring the product meets the required specifications.

Tags: 3D Software Development Kits 3D ACIS

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Healing and Preserving 3D Model Intent

Tue Aug 23, 2016

Part and parcel with model-based engineering is model translation. Because the model is now the specification, accurate translation from one system to another becomes essential. But even if a model is accurately read, the intent of the model has to also be properly interpreted. Key to proper model interpretation is healing — the process of modifying model data so that it conforms to the rules of the target system, while adhering to the intent of the source.

Tags: 3D ACIS 3D InterOp 3D Modeling 3D Software Development Kits

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Seven Years of Thread Safe 3D ACIS Modeler

Wed Apr 27, 2016

We are moving things around in the office here at Spatial to accommodate some new people.  As a result, our marketing closet is being cleaned out.  I walked by and noticed t-shirts from the summer of 2009, when Spatial released R20 of the 3D ACIS Modeler.  Since that release, the 3D ACIS Modeler has been thread safe, i.e, able to operate on disjoint data concurrently and correctly. The t-shirt in question made some predictions about the future of processor evolution. Some predictions came true, some did not. So while the thread-safe 3D ACIS Modeler has delivered enhanced performance for our customers, the number of cores on consumer-grade computers has not grown as fast as predicted.

Tags: 3D ACIS

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Outcome Checking, Logging and Progress Reporting in 3D ACIS

Thu Jun 25, 2015

This article shares a simple architecture which can be used to capture meta-data about the use of ACIS APIs in your program. It can be used to record the filename, line number, arguments and outcome of each API. C language preprocessor macros are used to invoke methods on a static object called spa::CheckOutcome. The meta-data is sent to your implementation of spa::CheckOutcome::Logger interface.

Tags: 3D ACIS

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Create an Ellipsoid in 3D ACIS

Tue Apr 28, 2015

How To Create an Ellipsoid using 3D ACIS

The 3D analytics supported directly in 3D ACIS include: sphere, block, pyramid, cone, and torus. These shapes can be changed to more generalized shapes using simple tricks that may not be known by everyone. For instance, to create a well behaved ellipsoid, convert a sphere to a spline and perform non-uniform scaling on it, as shown by the following Scheme script:

Tags: 3D ACIS

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Interactive 3D: How Do We Get There?

Tue Sep 10, 2013

Basically, there are two priorities when using a software component, particularly a 3D modeling kernel:

  • Does it do what you want/need it to?
  • Is it always fast enough to be practical?

Tags: 3D ACIS

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The Top 5 Essential Functions of 3D ACIS Modeler

Wed May 8, 2013

A geometry kernel is a big thing. It’s a huge thing. Maybe even big enough to see from space. By most accounts, even the Great Wall of China is not visible from space. However, other huge infrastructure is: highways, airports, bridges, and dams. This is the scale for this post. Decades of work, in a five topic flyover.

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Putting Intel’s HTT to the Test

Tue Oct 30, 2012

My comrades and I did a performance analysis of Intel’s Hyper Threading Technology (HTT), using thread-safe ACIS and the ACIS thread manager.

Tags: 3D ACIS

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