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How Software is Critical to Making Use of 3D Scan Point Cloud Data in BIM

Fri Feb 15, 2019

3D scanning in BIM (Building Information Modeling) is done using a 3D laser scanning machine.

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3D Data Translation in 3D Modeling

Mon Jan 14, 2019
The increased use of mobile devices in engineering processes has the interesting side effect of requiring the engineering applications to share data with other systems. An Internet search for open systems and interoperability returns a common quote that, “Interoperability is the glue that holds open systems together.” This interoperability may be simply for visualization, but as usage grows more sophisticated, a much richer data set is required. For example, an engineering mash-up sourcing data from several systems may need to access geometric data accurately while preserving design intent.

Tags: 3D Interoperability

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3 Essential Software Capabilities AEC Companies Need for BIM

Mon Jan 7, 2019

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process through which architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies use computer-generated 3D models to plan, manage and build building and other infrastructure projects.

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How Your BIM Software Must Comply with Regulatory BIM Guidelines

Thu Jan 3, 2019

Building Information Modeling (BIM) adoption in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) is certainly growing, and that too in multiple key regions.

The graph below (about the use of BIM for transportation infrastructure) also illustrates the rapid growth of BIM since 2015, especially in 2017 when BIM took over the majority of projects.

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Top 5 Ways Additive Manufacturing OEMs Can Decrease Costs

Thu Dec 20, 2018
It is a competitive world out there, and additive manufacturing (AM) OEMs face pressures like all manufacturers to differentiate their products from their competitors. Why will an end user choose your machine over that of another supplier? While it may come down to features and ease of use, often the overriding criteria is how complete of a solution you can offer. In the AM world, completeness comes down to a question of how tightly coupled the software solution is to your machine, and how much of the process/workflow it can handle. In order to offer a complete solution, AM OEMs have taken a number of approaches: 

Tags: Additive Manufacturing

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Clashing Geometry in BIM Datasets

Mon Nov 26, 2018

 A major benefit of constructing a building virtually is the cost savings gained by identifying errors in the design before they are found on site. One of the more common errors that can be avoided is when two objects overlap in space or clash. For example a beam that should stop at a wall may have been wrongly dimensioned so that when placed on site, it passes through the wall. Right through or only partly through, either way it is very costly to fix if it is only identified as the wall is being built .

Tags: Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D Data Manufacturing & Fabrication 3D Modeling

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Vertex Systems — 30 Years of BIM Innovation

Thu Nov 15, 2018

We often focus the success of new partners, showcasing how Spatial helped with bringing a new product to market. But that focus overlooks the importance of the benefits and results of a decades-long partnership. It is time to celebrate nearly 30 years of market leadership of one of our oldest customers and the partnership that helped build it.

Tags: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manufacturing & Fabrication 3D Modeling 3D ACIS

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Features of the Most Effective APIs for 3D Visualization in Manufacturing

Thu Oct 25, 2018

3D visualization is the process of using 3D visuals to analyze designs or scenarios.

Tags: 3D Visualization Additive Manufacturing

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How 3D Visualization Can Help Eliminate Errors in the Manufacturing Process

Fri Oct 19, 2018

We all understand that 3D visualization is a vital means to reduce errors and guarantee quality before the part or product is put into production.

Tags: 3D Visualization

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Leverage 3D Visualization to Improve Your Manufacturing Processes

Wed Oct 10, 2018

3D visualization -- interchangeably used with 3D modeling, 3D graphics, 3D rendering and computer-generated imaging (CGI) -- is basically the use of 3D images to analyze designs.

Tags: 3D Visualization Additive Manufacturing

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