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Common Problems Identified in the STL File Healing Process

Thu Feb 22, 2018

STL File Problems That Need to be Healed

When coming from a standard format, very often that data has to be repaired or improved, and Spatial does that as part of our interop product.

Tags: 3D Interoperability Manufacturing & Fabrication

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3D InterOp's Persistent Naming Translation

Mon Feb 19, 2018

Let's examine the benefits of using 3D InterOp's Persistent Naming Translation feature in your application to import and re-import CAD data, while preserving 3D model intent.

Tags: 3D Interoperability

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Generating Simulation Data from BIM Datasets

Tue Feb 6, 2018

One of the important uses of 3D models in the building information modeling (BIM) process is as inputs to analysis. There are many different areas of building analysis, the most obvious ones being structural analysis for static loads, for dynamic loading under winds, or the stress resulting from earthquakes.

Tags: 3D Interoperability Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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Design and Manufacture Move Closer Together

Wed Oct 18, 2017

There is a new wave of innovative processes and solutions that improve product production throughput, and enable once-impossible product creation.  Advances such as model-based design (MBD), additive manufacturing (3D printing), pervasive engineering simulation, and robotics are making it possible to streamline the product development process, reduce cost of production, and accelerate time to market.

Tags: 3D Software Development Kits 3D Modeling Additive Manufacturing

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Spending 3D Software Development Resources Wisely

Thu Aug 24, 2017

In the 3D modeling space, application developers face a number of challenges — getting to market on time, delivering the right feature set, producing a high-quality product — all while staying within budget. For companies to remain competitive, it is critical to invest resources and time on developing differentiated product features, rather than on behind-the-scenes, enabling technology.

Tags: 3D Software Development Kits

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Rounding Dimension Values from 3D InterOp

Wed Aug 16, 2017

 Recently I was asked a question about one of the standard test files generated by NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) that was being translated by our 3D InterOp translator.  The question concerned the diameter of a hole in the geometry with a dimension on it specifying ⌀0.238, which sounded innocuous enough at first.

Tags: 3D InterOp 3D Interoperability

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Release 2018 1.0 of Spatial's 3D Software Development Toolkits is Out!

Thu Aug 3, 2017

It has already been a year since release 2017 1.0, which saw the introduction of a number of innovative features aimed at Innovation and Industrialization. Release 2018.1.0 is no different, building on the innovation of 2017.1.0 by improving the end-user experience, enabling new and evolved industry workflows and enabling faster time to market.

Tags: 3D Software Development Kits

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The Complexities of Additive Manufacturing in the Real World

Tue Jun 20, 2017

Every new technology goes through a honeymoon phase, where new technology X can now do Y and obsoletes all previous technology that used to do Y. Additive manufacturing (a.k.a., 3D printing) was no different, with predictions that soon practically everything from shoes to houses would be printed rather than made using traditional manufacturing techniques. And while 3D printing has moved in to mission-critical areas, such as medical implants and aviation, these efforts have come after significant investments in research & development (R&D) by large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to fully qualify the manufacturing process.

Tags: Additive Manufacturing

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Advanced 3D Modeling Unites a Multi-disciplinary Approach to Harbor Design

Wed Jun 7, 2017

Modern port design is a complex, multi-disciplinary exercise that deals with all aspects of a project, from the geological assessment to wharf construction. A general contractor has to facilitate the work of a wide number of engineering and construction teams. A wide range of disciplines must be covered: geology, geotechnical analysis, hydraulic design along with construction design.

Tags: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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Overlap Between 3D Modeling Visualization and Gaming

Thu May 25, 2017

It may be surprising to some that given the different target markets, there is an overlap between 3D visualization for engineering and interactive gaming. But whether it is to visualize a new actuator for a next-generation passenger jet, or build a post-apocalyptic cityscape populated with zombies, the goal is the same — enable human interaction. While the latter may appear less serious than the world of 3D engineering, the development costs for a console game are clearly very serious — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reportedly cost $50+M to develop plus another $200M in manufacturing, distribution and marketing, back in 2009!

Tags: 3D Visualization

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