The Spatial Blend - 2019Q4 Issue

Jan 29, 2020 12:05:21 PM

Wishing you and your team

a happy holiday season

and a wonderful 2020!


Automation Video StillRELEASE: 2020 1.0

Released in November, 2020 1.0 brings many new enhancements to the Spatial portfolio, including:

  • Automate Manufacturing Processes
  • Build Your Additive Manufacturing Solution
  • Handle Large Assemblies, Easily
  • Enable Simulation-Driven Modeling & Design Optimization
  • Pick Spline Faces, Faster

CFD-for-electronics-113 Key Applications of CFD Simulation and Modeling

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a science that uses data structures to solve issues of fluid flow -- like velocity, density, and chemical compositions. 


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BREP Model example-1What is Hybrid Modeling?

Simply put, hybrid modeling combines the benefits of BRep, polygonal, point-cloud, and voxel-based modeling -- the four main types of 3D modeling -- into one workflow.

Learn more about each individual modeling type as well as how to implement hybrid modeling in your workflow:


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