The Spatial Blend - 2021Q1 Issue

Apr 12, 2021 3:46:35 PM

Q1 2021 In Review: Moving Forward

Spatial has had a calm start to 2021. This quarter we are proud to share accomplishments and information on what's been happening behind the scenes. We have been hard at work in the background, integrating with Distene, which brings new capabilities and new team members into the family, continuing to tackle Coivd-19 and all the challenges around it, and celebrating Heta Bile's Women & Technology Award. We continue to develop innovations and opportunities while growing our team to build more robust solutions and better facilitate your success. We hope you enjoy our blend of news!

Innovation in the time of COVID-19

Designers, engineers, and manufacturers, including yourself, play a critical role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are many initiatives around the globe from many different teams and companies to fight the good fight. Dassault Systèmes, Spatial's parent company, and Spatial continue to leverage collective intelligence to source, qualify, design, engineer, and manufacture rapid solutions during the pandemic. While our companies and countries have come a long way since just a year ago, there is still more work to be done. Spatial Corp and Dassault Systèmes continue to dedicate ourselves to helping the world overcome this impactful challenge.

Women & Technology Award 2021

Women & Technology Award

We are honored to announce that our colleague Heta Bile has been awarded the prestigious Women & Technology Award for 2021 by Morpheus Enterprises. Since 2019, Heta has become a critical part of our Services team, helping Spatial deliver professional services, development, and project management to customers worldwide. We are fortunate to have Heta as a part of the Spatial family!

Dassault Systèmes Acquires Distene and MeshGems

Recently, Dassault Systèmes, Spatial Corp's parent company, acquired Distene S.A.S. and its MeshGems offering. Dassault Systèmes has integrated the best mesh available for critical simulation within its portfolio of 3D technologies. Spatial and Distene have a strong history of collaboration and have been in a beneficial partnership since 2017. Through this integration, Spatial gains the ability to better  integrate 3D Precise Mesh and MeshGems under one roof, creating a more adaptable and robust technology offering. 3D Precise Mesh and MeshGems bridges the gap between CAD and simulation/analysis encompassing a set of automatic meshing solutions offering total flexibility for size, shape, quality, and simulation-based controls. These features allow applications to generate meshes specific to each solver's needs. We here at Spatial are excited to welcome the Distene team into our family and are thrilled to see what this integration holds for the future!

New Hires!

We've added some new team members in 2021. They will help us continue to reshape how our team thinks about our products and how we are providing value to you! Please help us welcome our new team members to help push spatial even further into the future!

Laurent Anne

Laurent Anne

Following his experiences at a French Engineering Services Company as a sales engineer in charge of a Meshing Software component's international OEM sales, he co-created a startup in 2000 and, later, Distene in 2004. During his time at Distene, he acted as Sales & Marketing Director and contributed to its development as the leading supplier of MeshGems Software components on the CAE ISV market. Laurent has joined Spatial as a lead product manager.

Aurelie Lecomte

Aurèlie Lecomte

Aurelie joined Distene in 2017, where she was responsible for Sales Administration and Communication. At Spatial, she has joined the Business Development Team as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator. She will be responsible for the logistics and organization of our different events, synchronization, and team administration. She will contribute to elevating the Spatial business and corporate image.

Jeffrey Switzer

Jeffrey Switzer

After graduating college, Jeff dove into the B2B technology sector as a sales and marketing associate, followed by a short stint in the B2C apparel and retail industry as a project manager. He has joined us as a Marketing Communications Specialist and will help elevate external communications and Spatial content development.

Arthur Bierlaire Headshot

Arthur Bierlaire

With a solid academic background in mathematics, including fluid mechanics, solvers, and numerical methods, together with the experience of working with the Dassault Systèmes meshing team, Arthur has a good head start to keep Spatial on the right track with MeshGems into the future. Arthur will be joining Spatial as an EMEA Industry Process Consultant focusing on 3D Precise Mesh.

Francoise Loriot

Francoise Loriot

Francoise has a Master's in Numerical analysis, started her career in developing 3D Navier Stokes code for fluid dynamics, managed the support team for Simulog for a wide range of products, and was later in charge of the visualization activity at Distene. Since 2018, she has been apart of the MeshGems support and QA processes team. Francoise has joined Spatial's team as a part of our customer success team.


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