The Spatial Blend - 2021 Q2 Issue

Jul 1, 2021 11:51:00 AM

Q2 2021 In Review: A New Release & Partnerships

Spatial has been hard at work this quarter with a new software release, new partnership activities, launching a new webinar series, new hires, and several new blog pieces. As this year continues to progress, we remain dedicated to developing innovations and opportunities while growing our team to build more robust solutions and better facilitate your success. We hope you enjoy our blend of news!

2021 1.0.1 Release

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Partnership Activities 

Ultimaker Webinar Image

New Ultimaker Software Capabilities

Ultimaker’s CURA application integrates Spatial's 3D InterOp CGM software suite to support an extensive breadth of 3D CAD formats. This integration leverages the CGM kernel to produce directly solid body meshes. Ultimaker customers can now directly import 3D Designs into CURA with our partnership and are relieved of tedious translation steps to convert from the myriad of 3D CAD formats to STL, AMF, or OBJ formats for 3D printing. As a result, users can quickly upload a wide range of 3D CAD design files of the most recent CAD versions directly in their native form and convert them all without the need for any additional CAD application.

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Ricardo Software Tool

New Ricardo Tool

A New partnership between Spatial Corp. and Ricardo Software allows users to go from CAD to mesh quickly and easily. This partnership has enabled Ricardo Software to deliver a new CAD manipulation tool. The tool allows the original CAD to remain in the simulation process, making it easier to go from CAD to simulation mesh and significantly reducing surface mesh repair time.

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CGM#1 Announcement

2021 Webinar Series

Our new webinar series is off and running! We will be hosting webinars throughout the rest of this year on varying topics covering a myriad of industries and products, including our most recent release. Our next webinar is on July 6th and 8th, focusing on how to "Enable Automated Lightweighting of Parts and Creation of Supports for Additive Manufacturing".  Click the button below to learn more and register for the upcoming webinar. We hope to see you there!

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New Hires!

We've added some new team members this quarter. They will help us continue to reshape how our team thinks about our offerings and how we are providing value to you! Please help us welcome our new team members to help push Spatial to be the best it can be.


Alfredo Lorenzo

Alfredo has substantial experience in Strategic Account Management, coming from Trimble, where he grew some of their most strategic accounts in Europe. He is truly a “world citizen” with both Mexican and Spanish roots and living in France for 25 years. He speaks multiple languages fluently and will be based out of our Vélizy office. 


Sayali Patil

Sayali is a Computer Science graduate from Washington University in St. Louis and joins us as an R&D Software Engineer focused on Interop Development. With previous work experience in the conceptualization and implementation of Machine Learning based systems, she has worked with diverse programming languages, platforms, tools, and frameworks. 


Read the latest from the Developer to Developer Blog:


Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace

Manufacturing is a challenge in the aerospace industry. Not only are aerospace parts extraordinarily complex, but they also need to be structurally sound and meet the highest quality assurance standards of almost any industry. To reduce costs and overcome traditional manufacturing challenges, many aerospace companies are turning from conventional manufacturing processes to additive manufacturing to produce the complex parts they need efficiently. 

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The Main Types of Additive Manufacturing

In the past, manufacturing businesses used subtractive processes like molds, cutting, and drilling to create products. While removing material from a larger whole has worked well before, modern additive manufacturing processes are quickly replacing them.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Process

Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) is sweeping across the industrial automation world.

Instead of creating molds and removing material, manufacturers can now simply add layers of material to produce items at a lower cost and with less waste. Metal additive manufacturing (Metal 3D Printing) in particular is gaining traction and becoming especially popular in industries like aerospace.

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Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing Explained

Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM), also known as Ultrasonic Consolidation (UC), is an additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D metal printing technology. UAM belongs to the ‘sheet lamination’ family of AM processes, along with Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM).

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Application Lifecycle Management

How to Reduce Development Time and Maximize Revenue During Application Lifecycle Management

When you hear the term, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), you likely think about the process that a software application goes through from the initial vision to the product’s eventual sunset. But there’s a way to effectively tweak this model and capitalize on technology companies’ expertise to shorten development time and maximize revenue.

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