The Spatial Blend - 2021 Q3 Issue

Oct 6, 2021 11:52:15 AM

Q3 2021 In Review: New Employees & Content

Spatial has been hard at work this quarter with continuing our webinar series, hiring new team members, and several new blogs and eBooks. As this year continues to progress, we remain dedicated to developing innovations and opportunities while growing our team to build more robust solutions and better facilitate your success. We hope you enjoy our blend of news!

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2021 Webinar Series

Our new webinar series is going strong! We have been hosting webinars throughout the year on various topics covering various industries and products, including our most recent release. Webinar topics include:

All of the webinars this year so far are available for you on-demand! Click the button below to learn more about and watch our on-demand webinars.

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Women & Technology Award 2021

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Events: We're Back!

After the hiatus we experienced (as did most of the world) with events, we are back in person at upcoming shows! We made our way to RAPID + TCT in September and plan to make our way to more shows this year. Below you will find some events we plan on attending or exhibiting at through the rest of 2021. Follow the links to learn more about the show and keep your eye out for our team members or for more information from us about the events soon.

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New Hires!

We've added a number of new team members this quarter. They will help us continue to reshape how our team thinks about our offerings and how we are providing value to you! Please help us welcome our new team members!

David Fargnoli

David Fargnoli

Dave has vast executive finance experience in public and private high-growth companies. Dave has spent a significant amount of time in the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry, where he was responsible for corporate finance and accounting as well as M&A activities.  Dave has joined Spatial Corp as the new Chief Financial Officer and is resident in Colorado.

MStafne Headshot-jpg

Michael Stafne

Mike Stafne has worked in a variety of engineering/software development, marketing, channel development, and management positions at companies and research centers across Europe and the United States over the past 25 years – including past tenures at Spatial, as an employee and contractor. Mike is a licensed professional engineer with master’s degrees in mechanical engineering and business administration and is joining Spatial in Colorado as our Technical Marketer.

Shripad Kasture Headshot

Shripad Kasture

Shripad Kasture is a Production Engineering graduate and comes with 10+ years of experience in CAD software development. In his past, he has worked in many industries, including Automobile, Orthodontics, Harness, and Oil and Gas. He is a technology enthusiast and always keen on learning new skills. Shripad joins us as an R&D Development Manager and is looking forward to contributing to the team and company's success. 

Mercedes Levy

Mercedes Levy

Mercedes is an MBA graduate from Louisiana State University. She comes with a background in Internal auditing and full-cycle accounting. Mercedes joins Spatial in Colorado as a Staff Accountant.

Vaibhav Pic

Vaibhav Ghuge

Vaibhav has completed his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. College Of Engineering, Amravati. He has been part of the xCAD Connectors community and team for the past five years. Vaibhav joins us as a Software Engineering Manager in our xCAD Connectors team.

Takashi Tamura Headshot

Takashi Tamura

Takashi has worked as a software engineer at a group IT company for a precision equipment manufacturer and for a fluid analysis vendor. He has developed add-ons for CAD/CAM users and applications using Spatial components. Takashi is a coding master and knows various programming languages such as C, C ++, C #, python, tools, and frameworks. Takashi joins Spatial Japan as a TAM focused on AGM Development.


New eBooks and Videos

This quarter we have created a number of new educational pieces around ALM and the CAM market. 

The Furutre of CAM Workflows

The Future of CAM Workflows

When we think about the future of manufacturing workflows, several themes come to mind: customized parts, small lot sizes, time-saving operations, and more. There are problems and challenges to solve in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, with new workflows being developed to solve them. Follow the button below to learn more and get your copy.

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Application Lifecycle Management

For much of its history, enterprise software development was driven
by companies wanting to modernize their old processes for design, simulation, or manufacturing. Application Lifecycle Management is a framework for managing the lifecycle of an application, from initial idea through development, maintenance, and eventual retirement. Follow the button below to learn more and get your copy.

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Application Lifecycle Management

ALM Video

This video explains the Application Lifecycle Management Framework and how Spatial is your partner for success.

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Read the latest from the Developer to Developer Blog:

User Experience

How 3D Components Impact Software UX

Software components are like the stage crew at a big concert performance: the audience doesn’t see them, but their presence makes the overall experience successful in many ways. From the lighting system to the microphones to the set changes behind the curtain, the stage crew is ensuring the whole production is running smoothly and delivering the kind of experience the audience has come to expect.

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What is Revit? | Revit File Format

The construction industry relies on many Building Information Modeling (BIM) software applications to design, construct, and manage buildings. This makes file format interoperability and compatibility extremely important. Learn about Autodesk’s Revit files and which third-party file formats the software supports.

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What is Clash Detection

A ‘clash’ is the result of two elements in your design taking up the same space. In Building Information Modeling (BIM), clash detection is the technique of identifying if, where, or how two parts of the building (e.g., plumbing, walls, etc.) interfere with one another.

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Rhino File

Rhinoceros, more commonly called Rhino or Rhino3D, is a popular 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design (CAD) application software. Learn more about native Rhino file formats and what third-party file formats the application supports.

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