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A view of SolidWorks World 2015. Additive Manufacturing - Bridging the Gap Between Precise Models and Non-Precise Data

Tue Feb 10, 2015

We are just starting the 3rd day of 2015 SolidWorks World. The first two days have been very well attended and with a great deal of excitement.

There has been a lot of curiosity about Spatial and our role in the Dassault Systemes ecosystem. For many, it is the first time that they have heard of us. After some explanation, many are beginning to connect the dots on how we can add value in to their company. The primary interest has been around how we can help additive manufacturing bridge the gap between precise models and non-precise data. 

Additive Manufacturing is a vital market for many of the Solidworks partners and users. Several are showing how this can be applied alongside traditional segments such as medical and dental, aerospace and automotive. The requirements for these parts are quickly becoming more and more stringent. Precise geometry is going to be necessary to help address these challenges.

In addition to what is happening with Spatial at SolidWorks World, you can see many new use models for the 3DExperience where companies are changing the way we imagine, design and manufacture. A great example is Augmented Reality. There are several companies showing how this can be used in an industrial context. One of the most impressive is what 3DExcite is showing in the DS booth. The rendering and animation from their technology, coupled with augmented reality it truly stunning.

There are going to be several new product announcements on the floor today that I am looking forward to. It is great to see that design and manufacturing is alive and thriving in the Americas. 

Solidworks World 2015

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