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Clashing Geometry in BIM Datasets

Mon Nov 26, 2018

 A major benefit of constructing a building virtually is the cost savings gained by identifying errors in the design before they are found on site. One of the more common errors that can be avoided is when two objects overlap in space or clash. For example a beam that should stop at a wall may have been wrongly dimensioned so that when placed on site, it passes through the wall. Right through or only partly through, either way it is very costly to fix if it is only identified as the wall is being built .

Tags: Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D Data Manufacturing & Fabrication 3D Modeling

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Vertex Systems — 30 Years of BIM Innovation

Thu Nov 15, 2018

We often focus the success of new partners, showcasing how Spatial helped with bringing a new product to market. But that focus overlooks the importance of the benefits and results of a decades-long partnership. It is time to celebrate nearly 30 years of market leadership of one of our oldest customers and the partnership that helped build it.

Tags: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manufacturing & Fabrication 3D Modeling 3D ACIS

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Design and Manufacture Move Closer Together

Wed Oct 18, 2017

There is a new wave of innovative processes and solutions that improve product production throughput, and enable once-impossible product creation.  Advances such as model-based design (MBD), additive manufacturing (3D printing), pervasive engineering simulation, and robotics are making it possible to streamline the product development process, reduce cost of production, and accelerate time to market.

Tags: 3D Software Development Kits Additive Manufacturing 3D Modeling

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Healing and Preserving 3D Model Intent

Tue Aug 23, 2016

Part and parcel with model-based engineering is model translation. Because the model is now the specification, accurate translation from one system to another becomes essential. But even if a model is accurately read, the intent of the model has to also be properly interpreted. Key to proper model interpretation is healing — the process of modifying model data so that it conforms to the rules of the target system, while adhering to the intent of the source.

Tags: 3D ACIS 3D InterOp 3D Modeling 3D Software Development Kits

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The Impact of 3D Modeling on Airway Splints and Stents

Mon Jun 13, 2016

We have written about the growing role of 3D modeling and printing in medical applications before, and its impact on improving people’s lives. But this technology holds ever greater promise in enabling life-saving procedures.

Tags: 3D Modeling Additive Manufacturing

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Rapid 2016 – 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Event

Tue May 31, 2016

On May 15-19, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers held their annual RAPID event — the longest-running, additive manufacturing conference in North America. I attended the show last year, so I was surprised at how much the focus of the show had changed. Last year, there were many more personal 3D printers and applications targeting the hobbyist. On display were items such as wearable 3D-printed dresses and shoes, and home 3D-printers for less than $500.  The focus of the show this year shifted significantly and was more on commercial/production solutions — high-end 3D printers with an emphasis on production environments and business-related applications.  Perhaps this shift in the show is an indicator of where the industry is heading.

Tags: 3D Modeling Additive Manufacturing

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Whither 3D Modeling

Tue May 10, 2016

The term disruptive technology is often overused (and typically just marketing hype), but there are some technologies that evolve over time, having an ever increasing impact on our lives. 3D Modeling is one such technology, often unseen by the public, but changing the way products and systems are designed. Some industries such as aviation could not dream of returning to a world of 2D drawings. But other industries have been slower to adopt the technology, or have limited its rollout.

Tags: 3D Modeling 3D Software Development Kits Additive Manufacturing

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Premier 2016 3D Modeling Event

Tue Mar 22, 2016

This week we released the details for the 3D Insiders’ Summit 2016 and opened registration for the September 28th to 29th event. While this event may not have the cachet of the Oscars or Burning Man (certainly doesn’t have the same dress code), this a significant event in the world of 3D modeling. This is a chance for you to receive hands-on technical training, learn about new features, and meet one-on-one with our technical experts at the Broomfield, Colorado venue.

Tags: 3D Modeling

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Does Lisp Influence Your C++?

Fri Jul 26, 2013

The idea for this post started on Aug 11, 2011, when I read Gregg’s post about choosing a scripting language for 3DScript, the CGM interactive test bed.  That article had a lot of good ideas, but I feel like it kind of missed the point regarding Lisp/Scheme/Functional Programming.  He used a do loop to try to make the point that the syntax is rather goofy.   The reason scheme came up at all is that it is used as a scripting language for acis3dt.exe our 3D ACIS Modeler Test application.

Tags: 3D Modeling

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What You Don't Know You Don't Know

Wed Mar 20, 2013

Debugging problems is really easy once you "have them under glass". Get all the input data, get all the code, build it on your computer, and you can bisect down on the problem in the debugger until you have fixed it. (Ok. This is an over simplification. Assume that you are really smart, can talk to someone who knows about the code you are looking at, and have an unlimited supply of time and coffee :-).)

Tags: 3D Modeling

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