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Dec 27, 2022 9:00:00 AM

H2 2022 In Review: Hiring and Organizing

Spatial has been hard at work this year, hiring a slew of new team members, building more efficient workflows and collaborations, building new ways of doing what we do best, exhibiting at events, and launching the 2023 1.0 Release! Check out all that we have been up to this second half of the year below.

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Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!

Wherever you are spending your holidays and new year this year, we hope they are full of joy and love! 


2023 1.0 Release Website Banner

2023 1.0 Has Released

On November 2nd, we launched our new software version, 2023 1.0! The stories in this release cover a range of topics and bring many new enhancements to the Spatial portfolio, including:

Follow the links above or the button below to read the release stories and learn about the new capabilities we've incorporated into our components.


Case Study - Stäubli Thumbnail

New Case Study Available

Curious how Spatial can help you in the field of robotics or looking for a new way to tackle your automation issues? Check out our new case study on our relationship and engagement with Stäubli Robotics! Read how they are innovating and leading the robotics market and how Spatial enables key features for their software and robots. Follow the button below to download your copy!


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Welcome ACIS Polyhedra

With 2023 1.0, ACIS Polyhedra is now available for all ACIS users. Meshes are increasingly popular for traditional CAD workflows and manufacturing industries like robotics, computer-aided manufacturing, and additive manufacturing. If you want your application to be capable of handling mesh geometry in addition to exact BRep geometry, ACIS Polyhedra is right for you. 

When you are ready to switch, please reach out to or Spatial Support.

ACIS Polyhedra Webinar AD

New Upcoming Webinar

Join our webinar in early 2023, where we will show off ACIS Polyhedra and introduce all of its capabilities. Pre-register below to let us know what you most want to see and if you have any preliminary questions.


Learn How AGM Shortens Time-to-Market and Elevates Your Development On Demand Poster

Enable Automatic Supports Creation in your 3D Printing Application On Demand Poster



New AGM Webinar!

We have a new on-demand webinar available on How AGM Shortens Time-to-Market and Elevates Your Development. In this webinar, we show off our Application Graphics Manager (AGM), how it may be of value to you, and how to implement it into your development process. Register to gain access by following the button below.

New Additive Manufacturing Webinar!

We have a new on-demand webinar available on how to Enable Automatic Supports Creation in your 3D Printing Application. In this webinar, we show off our new additive manufacturing capabilities within CGM Modeler. Register to gain access by following the button below.

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Our Subscriptions

Curious why you are not getting emails, or curious why you are getting so many emails? Your subscription status may have to do with it. Follow the link below to see what you are subscribed to and to change your subscription status.


New Hires!

We've added a number of new team members this quarter. They will help us continue to reshape how our team thinks about our offerings and how we are providing value to you! Please help us welcome our new team members!

Hector Chen Akshay

Hector Chen

Hector joins our team as a Software Engineering Specialist on our ACIS Development team. Hector attended graduate school at the University of Florida (UF), where he got his degree (Ph.D.) in Physics studying General Relativity (geometry of spacetime). He is very excited to work on all aspects of ACIS!

Akshay Dattatray Mutkule

Akshay is a graduate mechanical engineer who joins Spatial as an R&D Development Engineer focused on InterOp Development. He has four years of experience in the IT industry and has worked extensively in CAD, Health care, and Machine learning domains. He has worked on different languages, platforms, tools, and frameworks. Learning and adapting to new trends and technologies is what he's passionate about. 

Akash Pinjarkar

Rohit sharma

Akash Pinjarkar

Akash recently completed his in CAD/CAM specialization. Previously he was working as an intern in Dassault Systems. Before that, he was freelancing. His specialization is 3D modeling, Rendering, Tool Design, and Product Design. Some of his work is featured by DS on their page. He joins Spatial's development team.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit is a mechanical engineer with solid knowledge of problem-solving. He joins Spatial as an R&D Engineer. He is also skilled in a number of programming languages. 



Yogendra Sharma

Nikita Rautela

Nikita is a Mechanical graduate from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, and is joining Spatial as an
R&D Development Associate Developer for xCAD Connectors. She has experience in making mechanical projects using 3D Printing and prototyping an FDM 3D Printer using X-Y Gantry movement and a 3D Scanner using laser triangulation Method. 

Yogendra Sharma

Yogendra has a Mechanical Engineering background and prior experience working in the Computational Geometry domain with Products such as Feature Recognition and SigmaNest. He joins Spatial as an R&D Software Engineer in ACIS development.

Atharva Shirsath

Chinmay Mohadikar

Atharva Shirsath

Atharva completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. He joins the Spatial InterOP Team.

Chinmay Mohadikar

Chinmay is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from VNIT, Nagpur. He joins Spatial as an R&D Software Engineer. 

Anurag Raj

Saurabh Headshot

Anurag Raj

Anurag is a Mechanical graduate from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, and has joined Spatial as an R&D Development Associate Engineer focused on Interop Development. As a newcomer with interest in this field, he is excited to learn and explore. 

Saurabh Kulkarni

In his previous role, Saurabh worked as a Global Technical Support Engineer for Romax products in MSC Software (part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence) for 3.5+ years. He completed his M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from SVIT, Surat. Before M.Tech, he worked with GE India in the manufacturing supply chain for two years. 

Aditya Raj


Aditya Raj

Aditya is an Electronics and Communications engineering graduate who joins Spatial as an R&D Development Engineer focused on InterOp Development. His interests include programming and problem-solving, and he also loves doing Competitive coding. He has prior experience in the IT industry and is passionate about learning and adapting to new trends and technologies. 

Aishwarya Visapure

Aishwarya is a mechanical engineering graduate. She has always been good at academics. Aishwarya joins us as a part of our support team.

Amruta Suryawanshi

Himanshu Singh

Amruta Suryawanshi

Amruta is a Computer Science and Engineering Graduate from Shivaji University (Kolhapur, Maharashtra).
She has 4.6 years of experience as a java and spring boot developer, has worked on different domains like Human Resource Management systems, Banking and Payment, as well as experience with multiple tools, frameworks, and programming languages.

Himanshu Singh

Himanshu is an Electronics Engineer from IIT, Dhanbad, who has joined as an R&D Software Engineer focused on InterOp Development. He has previous work experience in Android development and a few other technologies where he has designed and developed a few features from scratch. 



Mahmood Ettehad

Mahmood joins Spatial as a part of our development team and is interested in exploring problems in mathematics and engineering fields.

Cortney Cmelo

Cortney joins us as an accountant on our team. Cortney has a Bachelor's in Accounting and has been in AP/AR for ten years. Staff accounting is newer, and she is enjoying this side of the accounting duties. She has been in a couple of different industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, and aviation.


Interested in Joining the Spatial Team?

Careers Spatial Team

Looking to find a new role? Or have a friend or connection who is? Spatial has a number of roles available to be filled across the globe! Not to mention the number of open roles under Dassault Systèmes. Follow the button below to see a rough list of our openings! Share them with your friends and connections. Let's grow the spatial Team with amazing people!  



Read the latest from the Developer to Developer Blog:

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Digital Manufacturing

Digital Twins and BIM

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Find Out How BIM and Digital Twins Can Work Together (and How They Can't)

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How Digital Twins Are Transforming Manufacturing


How Digital Twins Are Transforming Manufacturing

Despite living in an increasingly digitized real world, traditional manufacturing remains vital to our economy. For a long time, however, manufacturing has been held back by certain unassailable limitations: Whether it’s the continuous upkeep of expensive machinery or adherence to an evolving roster of regulatory compliance guidelines, optimizing factory performance has become a major challenge.

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