How 3D Visualization Can Help Eliminate Errors in the Manufacturing Process

Fri Oct 19, 2018

We all understand that 3D visualization is a vital means to reduce errors and guarantee quality before the part or product is put into production.

In fact, 3D visualization even lets designers and manufacturers alike to deeply understand how complex systems of multiple parts can work, but digitally. This can be done by inserting the 3D model into animations and photo-realistic video clips.

Below, we examine how 3D visualization eliminates errors in the manufacturing process.

Identify Flaws Before Physical Prototyping

2D models, such as flat drawings, offer very limited insight.

Teams collaborating with one another -- especially those in different companies -- will have difficulty finding flaws in the design. 3D visualization helps solve this issue via the following:

First, 3D visualization can help you wireframe designs. You can also do polygonal-based rendering, ray tracing, radiosity and add other details. You could incorporate a significant amount of visual fidelity into the design, equipping teams to fully understand the design.

Second, with 3D visualization design teams can experiment with design changes and see how those changes will affect the part before putting it into production. You can lower development costs at the prototype stage by off-loading more of the testing work to CAD.


For More on Using Software to Prevent Manufacturing Errors:


Enable Manufactures to Prepare for Production

Manufacturers rely on the designer’s CAD data, such as Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), to configure their facilities for production.

For example, manufacturers will use the PMI to source the materials they need (and in optimal quantities in order to control cost) and configure their jigs and tooling (e.g. cutters).

This data is essential.

Inaccurate or insufficient data results in the manufacturer incorrectly configuring their machining systems. Besides failing to produce the part correctly, it also raises the risk of damage to the manufacturer’s facilities.

By leveraging features such as automatic CAD associativity and periodic meshing, 3D Mesh software enables the meshing step to be transparent to the users so they can focus on their design.


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However, in tandem with the CAD data, full-fidelity 3D models equip manufacturers to also better understand the design. These insights help them (through additional clarity) to both correctly configure their machining tools and lower costs, turnaround time and quality issues.

Improve Cross-Functional Collaboration

Sharing full-fidelity 3D models within your company also helps non-design/engineering departments, such as legal and marketing, to better execute their respective tasks.

For example, 3D visualization equips your legal teams with the capacity to better understand the design and ensure that all aspects of your intellectual property (IP) is protected.

Alternatively, it can enable your legal team to protect you from IP claims from others by readily showing how it differs from other comparable designs.

Likewise, your marketing team can use 3D visualization to fully understand and communicate the benefits of the design. Similarly, your sales team relies on 3D visualization to fine-tune their messaging and engagement with prospective customers.

Next Steps: Find The Right Development Tools

HOOPS Visualize from Dassault Systèmes Spatial equips developers to build applications with high quality 3D visualization capabilities.

HOOPS Visualize is a graphics development component built with industry-standard, high-level graphics APIs, including OpenGL and DirectX. This equips applications using HOOPS Visualize to draw on hardware-level processing (e.g. GPU) to render 3D models.

HOOPS Visualize is also integrated with modeling libraries -- such as the CGM Core Modeler,  3D ACIS Modeler, and others -- to enable for operability with CAD applications (and others).

HOOPS Visualize leverages over 30 years of development experience by Dassault Systèmes Spatial. Contact us today to see how HOOPS Visualize will equip you to accelerate your app’s development and reduce its time-to-market.


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