The Spatial Blend - 2022 Q1 Issue

Apr 18, 2022 11:56:42 AM

Q1 2022 In Review: Capitalizing on Opportunity

Spatial has been hard at work this quarter with a new Insiders Summit, hiring new team members, and developing plans to make this year a great success! We have spent this quarter applying what we learned last year, restructuring to better address your needs, and preparing for the new future ahead! Check out what we have been up to this quarter below. We hope your year is starting strong! 

New Spatial Guiding Principles 

Spatial's executive team has set up new guiding principles to guide the Spatial Team to facilitate your and our success. 

Our guiding principles:

  • What is important to you is important to us :
    • We create trusted partnerships through responsiveness
    • We are the helping hand behind the scenes that enables our customers to change the world
    • We build long term relationships for operational excellence
  • We are highly motivated to be the best and set the standard:
    • We are experts of today, developing the experts of tomorrow
    • We align around a decision and each contribute to and are accountable for its success
    • We never stop learning. We don’t let what we have always done blind us to what we could do


We are back to events this year! Our team will be attending and walking the show at a number of events this year and we will be sharing some booths with our partners ModuleWorks!  We will be exhibiting at 3 big events this year. Keep an eye out for our booth at Automatica, IMTS, and JIMTOF this year!

Logo_automatica_logo_cropped_600     IMTS2022       jimtof2022


SPATIAL 2022 SUMMIT Website Banner

2022 3D Insiders Summit

Our 2022 3D Insiders Summit was last week at the start of Q2! There was a lot of great information shared at the event.  Below are some pictures from the event! Be sure to keep your eyes out for more information on your region's event. Or if you missed yours in Germany contact your Account Manager to learn more about the event and view some recordings!

Morning SnacksInsiders Summit Full Room

Insiders Summit DinnerLunch Great Insiders Summit

2022 1.0.1

Our new release, 2022 1.0.1, is coming next week! Keep your eyes out for it and our webinar series that will start shortly afterward.

New Hires!

We've added a number of new team members this quarter. They will help us continue to reshape how our team thinks about our offerings and how we are providing value to you! Please help us welcome our new team members!

Tushar Mangale

Tushar Mangale

Tushar Mangale has a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Don Bosco Technology, Kurla, Mumbai.  He is returning to the Spatial team after a short stint away at Coriolis Technologies. In his words, "Oh, It is good to be back. You missed me? I missed you too. The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back".

Paul Lenhart

Paul Lenhart

Paul has worked in various roles within the IT industry, supporting desk side to disaster recovery to project management and more recently back to system admin positions. Paul joins us as a part of the R&D team.


Dhananjay Manohar Sarode

Dhananjay completed his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University. He completed an Advanced CAD Development Diploma and started as a CAD software developer. He has 14+ years of experience in CAD Software development. He has designed and developed complex b-Rep algorithms for various CAD modeling features. 


Shilpa Dhall

Shilpa is switching from being a DS contractor to a Spatial employee! She has completed her master's in software systems and has been contributing mainly to ACIS local operations, stitching, and healing frameworks. Shilpa joins Spatial as a part of the ACIS Development team.


Harish Luckshetty

Harish is a passionate Software engineer with a strong Mechanical engineering background. He has tackled various challenges in the PLM industry spanning DevOps, CAE solvers & CAD software. Harish joins Spatial as an R&D Software Engineer in the InterOp Development team.

Lukas Cash

Lukas Cash

Lukas brings his entrepreneurial background which includes founding a crypto rating company and wearing an industrial haberdashery of hats with a tech-infused logistics company. He has a deep-rooted love for analytics and everything finance. He received his Undergrad in Business Administration/Finance minor in Economics from Adams State University. Lukas joins Spatial as a Finance Business Systems Analyst. 


Yuko Tadano

Yuko Tadano was a Dassault Systemes employee under DELMIA who has shifted to join our team at Spatial. She has a wide range of experience across the industries from designing and drawing architecture to sales and finance help to administration and marketing. Yuko joins our team as an APAC Sales Business Administration Specialist as a part of our Japanese team!


We have had two impactful retirements this last quarter which we celebrated at our Insiders Summit. This quarter we say goodbye to Björn Hoset and Monika Dietrich. They have both helped to shape Spatial over the years and will be deeply missed. 

BjornMonika 3

Spatial In The News:


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OCTOPUZ Partners With Spatial Corp to Help Build The Next Generation of OCTOPUZ OLRP Software

Built upon a partnership with Spatial, OCTOPUZ provides the industry with an updated and modernized user experience, simplified workflows, and advanced programming tools. The next generation of OCTOPUZ has been re-architectured and re-designed to focus on OLRP. Read more at the link below!

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Our Glossary

Check out our Glossary page below! Our glossary has a range of topics we cover, from modeling concepts to industry developments. You can find a wide range of information on any topic you are interested in. All you need to do is search for the industry or topic. 

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